18 - 21 maart 2019


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Locatie City Centre: University Library, Jantina Tammeszaal (4th floor).
Locatie Zernike: Van Doorenveste (Zernikeplein 11), Aula.

Maandag 18 maart
13:00-14:00 @ City Centre Is a fulfilling life possible without an ultimate purpose?
13:00-14:00 @ Zernike Chance or choice? Where can I find purpose in a universe of chance?
19:30-21:30 @ City Centre Where can I find a roadmap for my journey of life?

Dinsdag 19 maart
13:00-14:00 @ City Centre What freedom can I find in a stressful life?
13:00-14:00 @ Zernike Why would a scientist accept a miracle?
19:30-21:30 @ City Centre Why would I take the road less travelled?

Woensdag 20 maart
13:00-14:00 @ City Centre Do I have to walk the road alone? Who is my companion?
13:00-14:00 @ Zernike Where is God in a world full of suffering?
19:30-21:30 @ City Centre How do I decide at crossroads?

Donderdag 21 maart
11:30-12:30 @ City Centre Who can guide us into a future with hope?
13:00-14:00 @ Zernike Why bother with Jesus among so many worldviews?
19:30-21:30 @ City Centre What happens at the end of the road? What is the destination of my life?

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